Sarah Macaulay Studio

Seaside Treasures

A few months ago, we had a family holiday to a very quiet, coastal retreat. Nothing but empty beaches, wallabies, wild birds and rainforest. My son helped me collect some interesting shells and stones from the beach and I thought they would be fun to work with! I decided to work with their natural surfaces and textures and experiment with some transfers. This is what they looked like when I collected them (above).

I painted some of the more interesting stones with Artisan ‘Flat Matte Sealer’ which is a water-based, clear coat. You can use any water-based clear varnish for this purpose. It gives the transfers a nice, clean, sealed surface to adhere to. 

As I had some fishes leftover from the Aussie Decor Transfers ‘Koi & Lotus’ transfer I thought these would be fun for this project! I used my black tool to rub them onto the surface. 

I had some leftover pieces of ‘Gumnuts & Grevilleas’ transfers to use up as well. The bright colours really pop against the stones!

I painted some of the other stones with mineral paints in green colours. These mineral paints have a built-in topcoat and don’t need to be sealed before you decorate them. 

The ones pictured above are also from the ‘Gumnuts & Grevilleas’ pack. I added a few details using Posca (paint) pens. Don’t they make lovely décor pieces? I think they could make great paperweights and cute gifts.

As I also had some shells to play with, I got creative with more transfer pieces – this time from the ‘Everything Hamptons’ pack! The larger one is a cuttlefish bone. I was really thrilled with how easily the transfers applied so easily to these surfaces. 

Here is a final photo to show you the whole collection:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my projects and that I’ve given you some ideas for using the beautiful Aussie Décor Transfers for your own crafts!

I used parts of the following products:
• Koi & Lotus transfer
• Gumnuts & Grevilleas transfer
• Everything Hamptons transfer
The Aussie Decor Transfers range can be found here: