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Grainy vintage wooden trunk

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Hi Everyone
I spotted this nice solid trunk at my local Salvo’s a few weeks ago. I liked the wood grain and the sturdy handles, which you can’t see in this photo but it’s just about narrow enough to grab one on each side and lift it (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get it home easily!)

There were remnants of rather stubborn old varnish on the top, so I painted a bit of Orange Peel gel paint stripper over the varnish, wrapped it up in a polythene paint sheet and left it overnight. I love Orange Peel as though it has a slightly funny smell it’s quite pleasant to use, you can even use it indoors just make sure to wear gloves and keep it away from any kids or pets or anything flammable. It’s gentle on wood too. The varnish lifted off overnight, I scraped it off, cleaned with a damp cloth and once dry, gave it a quick sand all over to smooth off any rough edges.

To paint or not to paint?
Do you ever have this dilemma?
I came to the conclusion that the grain was just that little bit too interesting to cover up with paint, but I wanted to embellish it a little, so I chose one of the transfers I bought a while back. I have been dying to use this medallion transfer from IOD (Iron Orchid Designs) Decor. Have you used these? I am quite an addict. I buy these online, this particular one is from Rustic Farmhouse Charm in WA but I also buy them from House of Imperfections, NSW (both offer great service and quick delivery BTW!).

These transfers are super easy to use, I measure carefully to get the position right and then tape down with blue tape to avoid it slipping, then you just use the wooden stick included in the package to scribble over the transfer paper and transfer it onto your piece of furniture. When I say scribble, you need to push firmly and consistently across the design until it has come off the backing paper and adhered to the furniture (or wall, or whatever you are using it on).

If you’re not sure if it’s working just gently peel up a corner of the transfer backing paper and check. You can always replace the paper and keep working on it until it comes off the backing.
I was really happy with how the medallion came out. I sealed the piece all over with a coat of Cabothane Clear which I buy in Bunnings. It’s great as a top sealer on wood and has a satin rather than gloss finish.
And here is the finished look.

I forgot to mention I lined the bottom with some cool paper I bought at Pulp Creative Paper. I love the cacti!

So does Ash, as you can see.

It’s now available for sale at 414 Interiors, North Manly or you can buy direct from me (see the details on my For Sale page). Cat not included.

Now I am dying to use the other circular IOD transfer I bought, it’s a clock face design and I just need to find the right piece for it! Do any of you have IOD Transfer projects you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear from you.