Artisan Paints (Chalk Finish Paints)

Artisan Natural Chalk Finish Paints & Specialty Products

At our Seaforth studio we stock Artisan Natural Chalk Finish Paint, which is a chalk paint crafted by a boutique Australian paint manufacturer, formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients and natural pigments and using state of the art technology.

This paint is so easy to use, and can be used on almost any surface with no need for sanding, priming or preparing. It comes in a range of gorgeous subtle colours and is both thick in consistency and highly-pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Hand crafted and hand poured in Australia, Artisan paint is certified best in class environmentally with very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds – or toxins to you and me!). This eco-friendly paint is low in odour, safe to have around children and pets and wash up is a breeze in water.

We use the paint on a daily basis and have both been trained to advise on colours, techniques and finishes. We run regular workshops for those wishing to extend their knowledge and techniques. Please check out our chalk painting workshops here.


Natural Chalk Finish 1 litre – $54.95     Natural Chalk Finish 200ml – $18.00


  • Clear Wax 200ml – $32.00    Clear Wax 100ml – $22.00
  • Black, Antique or White Wax 100ml – $24.00
  • Hemp Oil 250ml – $28.00
  • Glaze 250ml – $32.00
  • Flatte Matte Sealer 500ml – $36.00


  • Natural Bristle Brush (small) – $26.00
  • Natural Bristle Brush (medium) – $32.00
  • Ergonomic Wax Brush – $38.00



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